Sports Medicine

Cutting Edge

Sports medicine can benefit many different types of people. A common misconception is that you have to be an athlete to be seen by a sports medicine specialist. Our sports medicine specialists can help prevent injuries by strengthening problem areas which aids in quicker recovery from an injury. We focus on helping those who come to us improve their athletic performance so a healthy and active life can be led without pain or complications.

When you choose a sports medicine specialist at Alpine Orthopaedic Specialists, you choose someone who’s invested in seeing you succeed. Our cutting-edge techniques and numerous years of experience in patient care make us the best choice for all your orthopaedic needs.

At Alpine Orthpaedic Specialists we have on staff leaders in sports medicine, treating both competition-level athletes and weekend warriors in Utah and across the nation. Our specialists understand the nature of sports injuries and what combinations of treatments and therapies work best. For instance, differences in knee anatomy call for different surgical techniques in males and females.

The AOS orthopaedic group is made of experienced surgeons who are acutely aware of such gender-specific needs, using computer navigation to aid in surgery in these and other instances.

Whether an injury is the result of a stretched ligament, a dislocation, or a fracture, AOS has the doctors and facility to get the athlete back in the game.